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Religious Speech of Habib Munzir Almusawa

Hamdan Lirabbin Khasshana Bi Muhammadin… Wa Anqadzana min Dhulmatil Jahli wad Dayaajiri… Alhamdulillahilladzii Hadaana, Bi 'Abdihil Mukhtari man Da'ana, Ilaihi bil Idzni, wa Qad Naadaana, Labbaika Yaa man Dallanaa wa hadaana, Labbaik Yaa Rasulullah…… He always begins his religious speeches with the above sentence, anywhere and anytime, which means "All Praise to The Most Caring, The One who has chosen us to be together with Muhammad, and to save us from The Darkness of Idiocy and The Indignity of Sins, All Praise to Allah Who has given us Blessing through His Chosen Servant (s.a.w) whom calling us To Return to Allah with His Permission, and Indeed his calling has been delivered to us, We come to answer your calls O’ Prophet s.a.w who has guided us and united all of us, We come to answer your calls O’ Rasulullah..", these words are quoted from the preface of Maulid Dhiya'ullami, written by his Guru, Al Habib Umar bin Hafidh).
O’ the audience who have come to the assembly of people who love Prophet Muhammad.., (s.a.w) O’ the souls that have been called into Magfirah (forgiveness) of Allah.., O’ the souls to whom the Godly calls are connected to the Sun of Guidance (of Allah s.w.t), towards the Sun of His gentleness, towards the Sun of Love and Compassion, towards the Sun of Amnesty, towards the Sun of Guidance and Blessing, towards the Sun of The Greatest Sovereign towards All Phenomenon.
Allah Laa ilaaha illa huu (Allah, There is No God But Him) There is no God but Him, there is no other Supreme Ruler above Him, there is no other Greatest Creator but Him, The Almighty Who Controls All Power, The One Who Has the Right towards everything in the world, Who Has the Right to Control and Change, Who Has the Right to Command and Appoint, Who Has The Right to Take and Give, Who Has the Right to Call Into Existence and to Take Life, Who Has the Right to Simplify and Complicate, Who Has The Right towards everything, (He) is the One who Calls you towards Him, calls you towards forgiveness, calls you towards closeness, has called you His calls Subhana Wata'ala, has called you His Love, has called you His Heaven, has called you His Gentleness, with the most dignified tongue of His Messenger Muhammad Rasulullah s.a.w, hence be glorified the souls that understand His demands, who answer His calls, who answer His summons, Labbaikallahumma Labbaik, come towards Allah, towards willingness, towards the Commands of Allah to make you dignified, to make you be forgiven, to make you walk in the same row with His beloved one, Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.
Be happy those who understand the wish of Allah, be happy those who understand anything dignified by the side of Allah and anything indignity by the side of Him, be happy to all of them and there is no happiness but to those who understand their God, who understand their Creator, who understand Allah s.w.t The God Almighty. This is the peak of ma'rifah billah, the peak of understanding of Allah, the peak of tasawwuf, the peak of closeness towards Allah, the peak of faith, the peak of purity, the peak of holiness. The deeper someone understand about Allah, the higher his rank will be, the more glorious his sujud (bowed-down during prayer) will be, the more glorious each of the letter coming out from his tongue in reciting dzikir will be, the more glorified his ruku' (prostration during prayer) will be, the more glorified his prayers will be, the more glorified his worship will be, the more glorified each of his steps, his breathing, and his heartbeat will be. Be well-understood that the more they understand Allah, the deeper ma'rifah billah, understanding about Allah, hence the deeper and higher the rank of a servant in front of Allah will be, Who understand about Allah the most?, is there any other name aside from Muhammad?, Who understand Allah the most? The one closest to Allah is the one who understands most about Allah, and the one who understands most about Him is your Prophet Muhammad, your Beloved one Muhammad, your Faithful Muhammad s.a.w wabarik alaihi wa ala aalih, The one who understands most about Allah is the one who loves Allah most, and the one who is loved most by Allah is Muhammad Rasulullah s.a.w wabarik alaih wa ala alih.
Hence be blessed to those who follow Him, be blessed to those who love Him, with the love towards Rasul s.a.w we will reach the excellence of faith, Who is the man closest to Allah and the man with the highest rank of makrifah (mystical knowledge) among all of us? we hear one name, Abu Bakar as shiddiq r.a, the first caliph in Islam, the man who is the most glorified among people after Prophet Muhammad, Sayidina Abu Bakar as shiddiq r.a wa ardhaah, he is the one who said to Rasul: "O’ Rasulullah I love you more than what I ever have in life, more than anything and more than myself.” There is a question arise among us, whetehrer loving Rasulullah s.a.w too much will make us become musyrik (polytheist)?, isn’t love only for Allah?, is loving Muhammad too much means worshipping Muhammad?, it means Abu Bakar as shiddiq musyrik wal'iyadzubilah, for he loves Rasulullah more than anything, more than himself, while in fact he is the most noble amongst us, because by loving Muhammad someone will be considered as loving Allah, it is untrue if someone loves Allah if he doesn’t love Muhammad, the proof is Abu Bakar as shiddiq, also Umar bin Khatab who came towards Rasul s.a.w and said: "I love you, more than anything Yaa Rasulullah except myself", What is the answer from Rasul s.a.w?, "not perfect yet your faith O’ Umar," hence Umar replied, "O’ Rasulullah, now I love you more than anything and even myself", Rasul s.a.w answered: "Now O’ Umar your faith is perfect", it means that the perfection of faith, the peak of ma'rifah billah is mahabatunnabi Muhammad, (the total love towards Prophet Muhammad s.a.w). O’ my audience, you all must recognize the time we must use before the difficult time comes, when we have free and wonderful time, please take a chance to keep on get closer towards Allah, to keep on beautifying yourself and each of your nights and days with the sunah of your Prophet Muhammad, Taqarrab ilallah bimahabbatihi wahikmatihi wasunnatih, (to get closer to Allah by loving Prophet Muhammad s.a.w and listen to His wisdom and to practice the sunnah of Him s.a.w), there is no more closeness towards Allah other than this, the closeness towards Allah by following Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, by practicing the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, by loving Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, Be happy to those who understand all this.
We have seen (understood that) those who are glorified by Allah, and those who have the highest rank in front of Allah s.w.t amongst these people, the Khulafa'urrasyidiin, (Abubakar, Umar, Usman and Ali), is their effort beats the effort of others, there are more people out there who might have harder efforts than khulafa'urrasyiddin, but their souls which are filled with ahabbatunnabi Muhammad definitely raise their rank to the highest, Abu Bakar as shiddiq, as many Islamic canonists said, passed away because of poison he drank that proceeded the food served for Prophet Muhammad, He didn’t die in war, but is there any other syuhada (martyrs) who surpassed the rank of Abu Bakar as shiddiq?, wallahi there is no other, is there any other martyrs surpassed Utsman bin Affan or Ali bin Abu Thalib?, wallahi there is no other, no other martyrs in the east nor the west who surpass these Imam Khulafa'urrasyidin.
Bimahabbatihim linabiyyihim Muhammad, (because of their great love towards Prophet Muhammad s.a.w) Bi iqtida'ihim (because of their obedience to) Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, because of their iqtida (being obedience) towards Rasul, because of their love towards Rasul, because they follow the guidance and lessons of Rasul s.a.w, this group is the group of the lovers of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, here is the majelis (religious gathering) for learning, here is the religious gathering for dzikir, here is the religious gathering for shalawat, here is the religious gathering for performing worship, here is the religious gathering for those who are willing to get closer to Allah, here is the place for repent people, here is the place for those who are wanting for Allah. Each of any group of people has their own crowd, ahlul maksiat (those who conduct sins) have their own group, those who worship polytheism have their group, those who love wrongdoings have their group, those who love shopping have their own group, The lovers of Prophet Muhammad also have their group..!, Allah has chosen me and all of you to gather within the group of the lovers of Muhammad Rasulullah.
This blessing is being poured on me and all of you tonight, such graciousness is bestowing me and all of you who gather in this place, therefore be joyful those who don’t disappoint Allah. Is there any other person more dignified than those who always try not to disappoint Allah?, even if they disappointed all the inhabitants on earth as long as they don’t disappoint Allah, they still have a possibility to be saved. How poor and miserable those who upset Allah, what’s the use of taking care of the feelings of all creatures on earth, if they disappoint Allah?
Hence be joyful those who love Rasul s.a.w, a figure of Aulia shalihin (the faithful guardians), the figure of nine guardians of Allah to whom the island of Java from the west tip to the east tip acknowledged Laa Ilaaha Illallah, The nine people! Now in the island of Java there are more than hundreds of thousand of da'i (those who give religious speeches), what have they done? In the old days, these nine people have introduced Java island which was covered by polytheism to the sentence of Tauhid, Upheld the words ‘Laa Ilaaha illallah Muhammad Rasulullah’ in this island, which before was filled with polytheism and worshipping statues, simply because of nine people, Wallahi tsumma Wallah (in the name of Allah, once again in the name of Allah), there is none of them (wali songo / nine guardians) unless they are ahlul mahabbah linnabi Muhammad, the heirs of Prophet Muhammad, the next generations who fought for Muhammad Rasulullah. Nobody would come to the level of a guardian until he loves Muhammad s.a.w, nobody would reach the rank of ma'rifah billah until he walks with the sunnah and guidance from Muhammad s.a.w, atsar (reminiscence/inheritance) of their struggles, this island of Java from one tip to another is filled with the voice of adzan (summons of prayers), filled with tarhim in mosques, filled with people who ruku' (prostration) and sujud (bowed-down), from only nine people. They are just like in the era of comrades of Rasul s.a.w when one of them mentioned is like a thousand of people, this is in the era of the comrades of Rasul, and ever since, from era to era, this noble offer is now come to me and all of you, those who want it, a bestow of God’s gentleness, who proposes you to be the lovers of Muhammad s.a.w, will you refuse the proposal from Allah to ask you to love His Prophet...?, follow His Prophet, long for His Prophet, to be together in the same row with His Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.
My days and nights which are full of sins, my days and nights which are full of wrongdoings, have come I and all of you to this place, being called into the calls of His glory. Hence each of us pronounce our own way to long for Him s.a.w, walk with the sunnah from Him s.a.w, (may) Allah s.w.t open the opportunity from the perfection and great acceptance in our heart to the greatest, to accept this great blessing O’ audience, let the rain keeps on falling down, let each of its drops become a witness that I and all of you are the lovers of Muhammad Rasulullah s.a.w, let each of your breath and your heartbeat tonight become a witness that I and all of you long for Prophet Muhammad s.a.w,may all of this continue until the sakratul maut (agony of death), until the agony of death becomes a witness that I and all of you pass away within mahabatunnabi Muhammad s.a.w, within the light of Laa ilaaha illallah, keep your family away from expanding any propaganda that will make you are disqualified from the group of people who are under the blessing of Allah.
Don’t you ever make a loud scream on this earth, both of your parents or your grandfather who have passed away might scream from their graves under the surface of earth, seeing their son living in humility, when glorifying or worshipping things that are hated by Allah wal'iyaadzubillah. The time will come in Yaumul Qiyamah where tongues would scream, in Allah’s command: "THEY SCREAM AND SAY, O’ WE ARE CURSED, WHY DIDN’T WE MAKE THAT MAN AS THE PERSON WE LOVE.” I am cursed and misfortunate because I didn’t chose that person as the one that I love, ‘the person’ here is interpreted by Imam Ibn Abbas as Muhammad Rasulullah. There will be many tongues screaming later, I am cursed why didn’t I make Muhammad as the person I love, this screaming will be heard by me and all of you, and will be heard by all ears, that has been informed by Allah who can see the future, who has understood what will happen in the future. The One who informs this is Allah, the news that comes from Allah, not from the newspapers, nor magazines, nor televisions, nor radio, but from Allah….!, who informs that there will be screaming "I am cursed because I didn’t take that person as a lover", Hence please don’t make me and all of you in their group.
Make the nights when some people spreading propagandas on things that Allah hate, instead make those moments for I and all of you to be in the struggle of glorifying Allah, in the struggle of praising Allah s.w.t.
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Jumat, 04 September 2009

A Good Moslem,

قَالَ رسول الله صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ : أَنَّ رَجُلًا سَأَلَ النَّبِيَّ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ أَيُّ الْإِسْلَامِ خَيْرٌ قَالَ تُطْعِمُ الطَّعَامَ وَتَقْرَأُ السَّلَامَ عَلَى مَنْ عَرَفْتَ وَمَنْ لَمْ تَعْرِفْ (صحيح البخاري
Rasulullah S.A.W declared: “A man asked Rasul S.A.W about a good Islam (a good Moslem), and Rasulullah S.A.W declared: “You distribute food, and extend greetings towards those you are familiar with as well as towards those you don’t know.” (Shahih Bukhari).

Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.
Praise be to Allah, the Most Gracious, Most Merciful, The Cherisher and Sustainer of the Sun, Moon and the whole World, Spreading out the Kingdom on Earth and Sky as the symbol of Glory, The One Who makes each life belongs to Him (Allah S.W.T) and ended with death, Who makes human’s life ended with death and continued with the life after life, the eternal and forever life. Hence the guidance from all the Prophets are delivered, calling them towards the eternal happiness, until the Noble Prophet, the messenger of Allah’s Blessings, the messenger of the Righteous Light of God, the messenger of God’s guidance and Alqur’anul Karim, he is Sayyidina Muhammad S.A.W.
No other mankind on earth is more blessed than those who follow Muhammad Rasulullah. The more they follow The Prophet S.A.W, the more gracious and happier they will be, the higher their rank will be and they will be given more nobility in the world and the life after. Allah S.W.T, The Greatest and The Most Powerful to Change Destiny, His Judgment assured nobility and changes towards happiness for the followers of Muhammad Rasulullah S.A.W. “Walladziina amanuu wa’amilushshaalihaati wa amanuu bima nuzzila ’alaa muhammadin wahuwal haqqu min rabbihim, kaffar ‘anhum sayyi’aatihim wa ashlaha baalahum” (QS. Muhammad : 2) (those who are faithful and perform good deeds and follow whatever taught by Muhammad, “wahuwal haqqu min rabbihim”, he is the truth from their God, the truth from The Cherisher of each life, the truth being delivered by The Sustainer and Owner of the Earth and Sky, sending His Truth in forms of guidance from Sayyidina Muhammad S.A.W, “kaffara ‘anhum sayyi’aatihim wa ashlaha baalahum”, Allah forgives their sins and Allah mends their condition.
The more they mend their condition and their connection with Allah, the more they repair their days with the guidance from The Prophet S.A.W, Allah will wipe out their sins and Allah will mend their condition, the condition of their inner self, their heart, their feeling, their life, their job, their family, their life and death until they are raised in the yaumal qiyamah (The Judgment Day) will be repaired by Allah with the perfect revamp because they follow Sayyidina Muhammad SA.W.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is a temporary life, the gate towards the eternal life. This is our breath which will be definitely ended with the breath of sakaratul maut (agony of death) and will be separated with all you can see and hear.
This is the day of Idul Adha, the magnificent day from all the days glorified by Allah S.W.T and be glorified to those who glorify this day with the guidance from The Prophet S.A.W by increasing takbir (glorification of Allah by reciting ‘Allahu Akbar’) and tahlil with the words “Allahu Akbar.. Allahu Akbar.. Allahu Akbar.. Wa Lillahil-hamd”. It is recommended (sunnah) to recite takbir until sunset on the day of Idul Adha then continue to recite takbir in each of shalat fardhu and recommended until Ashar of the third day of Tasyriq (13 dzulhijjah).
Ladies and gentlemen being glorified by Allah, Allah S.W.T declared the notification of the nobility towards the followers of the Prophet S.A.W. “yarfa’illahulladzina amanuu minkum walladzina uutuul i’lma darajaat” (QS. Mujadilah : 11) (Allah raises the rank of those of you who learn knowledge with the highest rank). We understand that the word “darajaat” means only rank or level, and we understand about rank, the heaven is like the sky and earth amongst one level with another level. If Allah said “darajaat” it means many of levels. Each time our knowledge is increased, the higher our level will be given by Allah in heaven. And also on earth, the closer we are to Allah, the closer we will be towards the oceans of The Greatest, The Owner of Happiness, The Powerful One Who Can Change any Situation. Some people would say, “if only reciting Al Qur’an, again and again, and attending majelis (religious gathering), when will we improve? Not enough by doing this and this life will end”. Ladies and gentlemen, remember The Most Powerful Who Can Change Situation from the beautiful one towards the worst situation, from disaster to pleasure or vice versa, from poverty to prosperity or vice versa, He is (Allah S.W.T) Who is Able To Change our Condition. When a servant walks on the path of Muhammad Rasulullah S.A.W, being promised by The Most Powerful that he will be given the most beautiful condition.
Ladies and gentlemen, the One Who promised this is The One Who Will Never Deny His Promises. Allah S.W.T declared “ask Me and I will answer your prayers”. Then we will ask “how about my day and night prayers which have yet to be granted by Allah?”. The answer is our being unaware that actually Allah answers our prayers more than what we ask for. We ask for ‘A’ (for instance), without we realizing it, Allah has wiped out 100 disasters that will come tomorrow. Our prayers are merely the trivial things but Allah The Most Gracious gives more than that.
Ladies and gentlemen, the answer from Allah is more than just a voice. Our prayers to Allah but we cannot hear the answers from The Great Answerer of any Prayers. The answers from Allah are not with voices and are not merely about granting the prayers, asking this and will be granted this, the Blessing from The Most Gracious is not that shallow. Asking for 1 thing, Allah will give 1000 things and it is possible for the Rabbul Alamin. Perhaps a servant asks for a trivial thing, Allah will give a more dignified thing or Allah will grant his prayer and Allah will add more that what he asks in his prayer and it is because He is (Allah SW.T) Who Named His Essence “Al Karim” (The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful).
Ladies and gentlemen, no one ask (pray for) Allah then lower his hands empty handed, unless they are filled with blessings. This is Allah and this is The Most Gracious from all His creatures and His Giving will always be prolific throughout the nights and days without we are realizing it. Perhaps we pray tonight on 1 wish, the day after Allah will grant it or if not, Allah will not grant it but Allah will wipe out so many disasters that will come the day after. This kind of thing is out of our hand, we don’t know, and if we know our destiny, we would never stop sujud (bowing down in shalat), we ask for God’s Love. If we could foresee the disaster that will come tomorrow, perhaps now we could stand up and tomorrow we face 1 disaster and paralyze for the rest of our life, perhaps today we could see but tomorrow we have 1 disaster and would not able to see, and many more tragedies that are possible to happen and these all will disappear in a flash with your prayers, ladies and gentlemen. “kaffara ‘anhum sayyiatihim wa ashlaha baalahum” (I wipe out their sins and I mend their condition), He is Allah The Most Powerful Who Can Change Situation and The Magnificent in all His Actions.
Ladies and gentlemen being glorified by Allah, If someone perform too much of religious duties, as Rasul S.A.W heard a woman performed religious duties until they were way too much, Rasul S.A.W declared, “what is this, too much worshipping?”, “innallahu la yamallu hatta tamallu’ ” (Allah will not get bored but all of you will get bored if performing too much religious duties). Nowadays, if people perform religious duties of Qabliyah, Ba’diyah and Tahajjud, it is already considered too much, while actually it is not too much at all. What is called by worshipping too much is leaving all activities for the sake of his religious duties, this is called too much. Prophet S.A.W said, “la yamallu hatta tamallu’ ” (Allah will never get bored until all of you get bored). Hence don’t force yourself beyond your capability.
Ladies and gentlemen being glorified by Allah, From this kind of nobility, Allah S.W.T guides us towards the most perfect guidance, the guidance that extended towards brotherhood amongst all mankind especially amongst Moslem people. Therefore Rasul S.A.W was asked as mentioned in the hadits we previously read, “anna rajulan sa’alannabiy s.a.w, someone asked Rasul S.A.W “ayyul islam khair”, meaning: which Moslem person has good deeds? Show me the good deeds in Islam. Indeed they are many, but The Prophet S.A.W gave 2 lessons which are magnificent if we study them. What are they? ”ith’amu tha’am (as written in Shahih Bukhari). “you distribute foods”. And now are the days of tasyrik, it is recommended to give free meat (after sacrificing cattle) as pious gift. Important to know that the distribution of meat from pious gift is for all Moslem people, and not only for the poor. Therefore, the rich people may also receive it. It is different than giving shadaqah (charitable gift) and zakat (obligatory alms), which are not allowed to be given to other than mustahiq (those eligible for receiving alms) among others: fuqara and masakin (poor people). If the free meat is allowed to be given to the rich and the poor as long as they are Moslems, because the meat from sacrificing cattle is the religious meals between Moslems towards those they know and those they don’t. “ith’amu tha’am” (distribute foods) said The Prophet S.A.W. Don’t differentiate the Moslems and the poor only, those who are not poor can also be treated meals by you, but certainly the more appropriate ones are the poor. Hence if the meat from sacrificing cattle is given to the poor or the rich, the poor is more eligible indeed. But if you want to give it to the wealthy, there is no prohibition because it is also sunnah (recommended) as well as they are Moslems, because the meat is the religious treat amongst Moslems, the one they recognize and those they don’t.
Ladies and gentlemen being glorified by Allah, Alhamdulillah, this year Majelis Rasulullah S.A.W has been entrusted 13 sheep by one of our brothers from Sidney, Australia for sacrificial ceremony here (at Majelis Rasulullah S.A.W) and also 1 from our majelis member in Jakarta, hence this year there are a total of 14 sheep. The 13 are from Sidney, Australia and 1 sheep from Jakarta, as well as 1 cow from the Governor of Jakarta H. Fauzi Bowo to Majelis Rasulullah S.A.W. Therefore, this year Majelis Rasulullah S.A.W sacrificed 14 sheep and 1 cow, Alhamdulillah May Allah glorify those who have entrusted their sacrificing cattle at Majelis Rasulullah S.A.W.
“ith’amu tha’am” (distribute food) towards people you know and those you don’t know, wa aqri’ussalam alaa man arafta ma alaa man lam ta'rif (and extend greetings towards those you know and those you don’t know). Extend the greeting is not only to those we know, without we realize it, those we don’t know if we extend our greeting for them because of Allah we will get rewards from Allah, by extending the Name of Allah “Assalam” (is the Name of Allah The Cherisher). Assalamu’alaikum means The Supreme Being Who bestows prosperity to all of you, that is the meaning of the word Assalamu’alaikum. Therefore when someone recites Assalamu’alaikum, it is dzikir (recitation) because the word Assalam is Allah’s Name.
Ladies and gentlemen, Sayyidina Ibn Umar radhiyallahu anhuma as written in Adabul Mufrad by Imam Bukhari, every morning Ibn Umar went out and people asked, “you are going to market, did you go for shopping?, passing by that alley and this alley, passing by that house and this house, then going home, what for? Going out without silaturahmi (ties of relationship) towards someone, going to market without shopping, then returning home, going out for awhile then again returning home”, he answered, “I go out only for extending the word Assalam”. If a Moslem passes by, say “Assalamu’alaikum”, even only for this greetings I would leave home. Thus, people leave home for many reasons, some leave home for business, some for school, while the Pious People would remember the Magnificent of Allah’s Name. Assalam, he left his house simply to extend greetings and then returned home.
Sayyidina Anas bin Malik radhiyallahu anhum as written in Adabul Mufrad by Imam Bukhari, whenever he went out from his house, he rub a perfume on his right hand. We often saw this, why? Sayyidina Anas said, “to glorify those who shake hand with me”. One way to glorify them is by applying perfume on my hand, so those who shake my hand would have nice fragrant on their hand. Where did you learn this? from Rasulullah S.A.W. The beauty of His character.
Ladies and gentlemen being glorified by Allah, In one occasion a few years a go, one of my friends is an old man, he is around 60 years old. He has 6 children. He was about to travel across from Lampung to Merak harbor. At the harbor in Lampung, he already bought the tickets, but unfortunately he was conned. His tickets were stolen while he already spent money and he was a poor man. But he got 1 acknowledgment, when passing by 1 man with a malevolent face (perhaps he was a bad guy in that area), the old man extended greeting. Because this old man wherever he goes, he always greets anyone whom he thought was a Moslem, although the person looks unfriendly or even a cruel guy at the harbor. “Assalamu’alaikum”, was not answered. Perhaps we already know that at the harbor, there are many unfriendly people, while only some are friendly and nice. Being greeted nicely, the guy didn’t answer, he was just quiet. Hence the old man passed by with his wife and children.
When the old man was conned, he was panic and screamed, “my tickets were stolen, I have paid”. The bad guy who was greeted with salam but didn’t answer was among the crowd, he asked “what happen?”, “my tickets were stolen”. “what’s the characteristic of that swindler?”, “like this….like this…”, “oh.. OK calm down”, not long after, the man with that cruel face came with the swindler who had stolen the tickets and he was then forced to return the money. “why did you deceive this old man, this old man is my brother...!”. although in reality he didn’t know the old man, he was just greeted by the old man while he didn’t answer it, but that greeting went through his heart. His lips were not answering, his face was frowned but that greeting went through his heart and he was touched. Perhaps in his whole life seldom people extended greeting for him. He felt like a bad guy, conducting a lot of crimes and made people sick of him. But there was an old man extended greeting towards him, and now the old man was conned, he defended him until declaring “this is my brother, why did you cheat on him?”, although he just know that old man at that time because he extended greeting. There, ladies and gentlemen, the beauty of sunnah from Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Therefore, support the magnificent of sunnah from The Prophet S.A.W by extending greeting towards those we know and those we don’t know.
Rasul S.A.W declared, “la yukminu ahadukum hatta yuhibba li akhiihi maa yuhibbu linafsih” (not perfect someone’s faith until he wishes all the good things occur to him, will also happen to all his brothers), as written in Shahih Bukhari. If he has joy he wishes for heaven, he also wishes other people to go to heaven, if he wishes for pleasure, he wishes the same thing also for all Moslems. This is the perfection of faith. What is the meaning? The higher the level of someone’s faith, the more he will not become hostile to Moslems. The higher his rank is, the more he wishes for all Moslems to get nobility, if he performs the 5 time obligatory prayers, he wishes all Moslems will perform the 5 times shalat, if he wants to be in heaven, he wishes all Moslems to be in heaven as well. This kind of soul is the reflection of Sayyidina Muhammad S.A.W. When his enemies threw him with tones and chased him, he prayed “Allahummahdiy Qaumiy fa innahum laa ya’lamuun”. He defended those who threw stones towards him, defended by his prayer: “O’ Allah give them guidance because they don’t know.” The Prophet S.A.W defended those who threw stones towards him S.A.W.
This is the peak of moral’s perfection of Nabiyyuna wa Sayyiduna Muhammad S.A.W. And in terms of relationship amongst us, Allah S.W.T has ordered us to follow The Prophet S.A.W the best we could, in which Allah will expand His blessings with such noble soul like the one of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, that proves the Greatest of Islam from West to East. He was not a rich person who could visit all lands from West to East to deliver the words of Tauhid. He was not an authority who could organize thousands of people to deliver his guidance from West to East. He was simply followed by few slaves and young people, which were grown in numbers, organizing the improvement of people’s faith in Mecca, until they were evicted from Mecca, they continued to make improvement of people’s faith in Medina, and slowly continued to expand throughout the world. Until today, 14 centuries after he (Prophet S.A.W) passed away, the improvement of people’s faith is continued by the souls that convey the nobility of spirit of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. Ladies and gentlemen being glorified by Allah, On this night of Idul Adha, I would like to convey that this majelis (religious gathering) has no holidays. Insya Allah, this Monday-night-Majelis will never stop until yaumal qiyamah, Amin Allahumma Amin. As long as I live, Insya Allah I will always attend this Majelis every Monday night. My beloved audience, if any of you ever heard such news proclaiming that next Monday night will be a holiday, kindly ignore it, as it’s not true. This majelis will continue, even during the month of Ramadhan, or the night of Ied Fitri, we will recite takbir (Allahu akbar) together in this majelis. To those who are able to attend, please do, while those who are not able to attend, now you may also listen to RASfm Radio with the intention to attend to get the rewards from Allah S.W.T.
Ladies and gentlemen being glorified by Allah, We perform silent prayer for the management and improvement of people on the land of Jakarta and its surrounding, as well as for our Moslem brothers especially Ustadz Kadir Anggaluly whom in few days would return to his hometown in West Irian, may Allah S.W.T gives him strength and protection from the enemies of Islam. May there will be more Moslem members who will start to recognize shalat, Amin Allahumma Amin. And also for the boarding school students who stay here, especially KH. Ahmad Baihaqi, may Allah S.W.T pour him with abundance of help and easiness in maintaining dakwah (religious lessons) and may all these new, young students be given peace and comfort while staying in Jakarta to study.
Ya Rabbiy Ya Rahman we perform silent prayer towards Your Presence on this day of Idul Adha and in tasyrik days which still have the Dignity and Magnificence of Dzulhijjah, Rabbiy we perform silent prayer to Your Presence The Almighty to beg for all the secret of Your Generosity towards all of our problems. Rabbiy Rabbiy The Most Powerful, O’ The One Who Can Change Any Condition, kindly change our condition with the best dhahiran wa bathinan (body and soul) in the world and beyond, kindly change the condition of our upcoming days with the best ones in happiness in the world and beyond, in the easiness in the world and beyond, in the happiness in the world and beyond.
Ya Rahman Ya Rahim Ya Dzaljalali wal ikram Ya Dzaththauli wal in’am
Faquuluuu jamii’an (recite it together) Ya Allah..Ya Allah..Ya Allah..
Faquuluuu jamii’an (recite it together) Laillahailallah
Laillahailallah Laillahailallah Muhammadurrasulullah Washallallahu ala Sayyidina Muhammad Nabiyyil Ummiy wa Shohbihi wa Sallam
Wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

O'' My Idol Muhammad S.A.W Part IV

Allah Loves Forgiving People

قال رَسُولَ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ : رَحِمَ اللَّهُ رَجُلًا سَمْحًا إِذَا بَاعَ وَإِذَا اشْتَرَى وَإِذَا اقْتَضَى (صحيح البخاري
Rasulullah S.A.W declared:
“In the world of trading, Allah loves the forgiving and lenient person towards his debts and loans.” (Shahih Bukhari)

ImageAssalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh
All Praise Be to Allah S.W.T The Most Gracious, The Brightest who shines the souls of His servants with graciousness, and there is nothing more beautiful in the whole life other than faith to get closer towards Allah, there is no graciousness of all kind of life who had ever lived since the offspring of Adam a.s, from Nabiyullah Adam alaihis salam and Sayyidatuna Hawa alaiha salam until the last mankind on earth, there is no dignified life more than the life of the lovers of Allah. Those who want to be closer to Allah, those who want to reach the true success from all kind of victories, the peak and the end of all kind of career, the highest status and profession from all kind of profession is the real closeness towards Allah in the eternal and luxurious palace.
Ladies and gentlemen being glorified by Allah,
Until their souls filled with only love and longing for Allah, and that is the most magnificent soul. They will not dwell on the torments of hell or the magnificent of heaven anymore. But all they are longing for is to get close to and be loved by Allah, that’s all what they want. Hence we might ask why The Prophet S.A.W always asks for heaven and avoiding the fire of hell, does it mean that The Prophet .S.AW still wants heaven and still worries about hell? No, but those from the shiddiqin and muqarrabin people know that heaven is the place for those who are loved by Allah and hell is the place for those who are hated by Allah. Therefore they ask for heaven, because heaven is the place for those who are loved by Allah.
ImageLadies and gentlemen being glorified by Allah,
Allah S.W.T has treated us tonight by gathering the angels who are witnessing the guests of Allah who attend the mosques or those who sit for worshipping Allah. Thus Rasul S.A.W declared “malaikat laa tazaal yusholli ala ahadikum” (Shahih Bukhari) incessantly the angels recite shalawat and prayer for all of you when some of you still sit inside the mosque in holy state or still sit on the spot where they perform shalat or worshipping, hence the angels will keep praying for them with this prayer “allahumma shalli a’laihi allahummarhamhu” O’ Allah kindly pour to them shalawat and nobility, O’ Allah kindly love them. The angels will continue praying for us with that prayer as long as we still sit in this majelis, inside the palace of Allah’s Blessings (Mosque), on earth. It shows us how Allah indulge and glorify us, how magnificent it is the love of Allah towards us, so that He summons all angels to pray for those who want to be close to Him, those who come as guests in the palace of His blessings, to the mosques or mushalla or to any worshipping place, even if it is only his own sajadah (praying mat), as long as he still sits on that place, the angels will keep on praying for him.
Now we come to this noble hadits, as written in Shahih Bukhari “rahimallahu rajulan samhan idzaa baa’a wa izaa isytaraa wa izaaqtadhaa” the love of Allah will always be abundant to anyone who, when he buys or sells (in his trading business) always be happy to forgive, make things easier and simpler. If he buys, he will not bargain too much, if he sells, he will not take too much profit and not lying to his customers. “..wa izaaqtadha” and when they pay each other’s debts. When they have debts, with his good manner, he will come to the person he borrows the money from and he will return the money properly, in a polite and noble way. Likewise, if someone else borrows money from him, he will ask or dun it in a polite and nice way. This kind of people is definitely loved by Allah, glorified by Allah. Allah declared, “wailullilmuthaffifiin; alladzina idzaktaaluu a’lannasi yastawfuun; waidza kaaluuhum awwazanuuhum yukhsiruun; ala yadhunnu ulaaika annahummab’utsun; liyawmin a’dhim; yaumayaquumunnaasu lirabbil a’lamin” (QS. Al Muthaffifiin: 1-5). Allah S.W.T declared: Be cursed to traders, who cheat in scaling with their weighing machine, (Qs. Al-Muthaffifiin: 1). When they shop, they ask for the most fairness scale, as not to have the wrong or cheated weight, but when they sell, they reduce the weight trickily. (Qs. Al-Muthaffifiin: 2), be cursed to all of them, declared Allah S.W.T. didn’t they know that sooner or later they will be standing on the most dreadful day (Qs. Al-Muthaffifiin: 4-5). The most magnificent day, the day when Allah S.W.T makes each human stand individually to face Him, at that time, how unlucky to those traders who are tricky and sly. Those who are being tricky to a weighing machine would be so doomed, even worse to those being tricky towards the seller or buyer by cheating.
Ladies and gentlemen being glorified by Allah,
Rasul S.A.W guided us towards the most magnificent guidance, towards the noblest tutorial and this is the guidance from our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. And Rasul S.A.W is the best person in performing good deeds. When he S.A.W lends money to others, he S.A.W alone would return it in the most decent way. As written in Shahih Bukhari, how Rasul S.A.W borrowed money from a Jewish (someone outside Islam) hence the Jewish, though he knows that Rasulullah S.A.W is a trustworthy person, still asked for a warranty and Rasulullah S.A.W gave his iron clothes as warranty. And the money he borrowed was to treat his guests. How magnificent it is, the manner of Sayyidina Muhammad S.A.W.
And Rasul S.A.W is the one with the most perfect manner. As written in Shahih Bukhari, when Rasul S.A.W walked, he found a date fell to the ground, while taking it, he said “lawla antakuna shadaqah la..” if not because of being afraid that this is date for shadaqah (alms) (because alms couldn’t be eaten by Rasul S.A.W, but can be for other Moslems) I would definitely eat it, said The Prophet S.A.W. This is from appreciating rezki (subsistence) found on the surface of earth which comes from Allah, and it is considered luqatah (discovered things which have no value). So, if we find things that have no value, we can take them, but for valuable things we couldn’t have it, until 1 year. We could take it, touch it, but we must try to find the owner or announce it for 1 year, and if after 1 year, the owner still doesn’t come, we can use it but if the owner comes we should return it, or replace it with money. That is the regulation for discovered things.
Aside from our discussion tonight, there have been many reports that pickpockets also attend this majelis regularly. Subhanallah!! While people come here for a good cause, and you (the thief) come to harm those who have good intentions. It has never crossed my mind, in such most dignified majelis like this, there are people who come with bad intention to harm and conduct crime to those who come for the blessings of Allah S.W.T. Allah’s anger is indescribable in their life in this world and the life after. May Allah give them all God’s guidance, the anger and the rage of Allah is indescribable towards those who conduct any harm towards His guests. People come to recite Al Qur’an and go home without their hand-phone, as the hand-phone has gone, stolen by the thief. Subhanallah, repent!! O’ those who have bad intention in this majelis, because catastrophes and disaster will come to you, poverty, destruction in this world and in the life after, may Allah give them guidance.
ImageLadies and gentlemen being glorified by Allah,
The Prophet S.A.W declared, as written in Shahih Bukhari, “there will be one time, when humankind doesn’t care anymore what things come to him, whether those are legal (permitted according to Islam) or illegal”. People don’t want to distinguish it anymore, which one is legal and which one is not. That era will come, said Prophet S.A.W, and that era has come to us now.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the time for us to be better, these are our young people and our majelis in which Allah S.W.T had given Inayah (gift) always, for us to make our majelis more prosperous, all these noble majelis. May Allah S.W.T make it more prosperous, Amin Allahumma Amin. And make those who attend it within the state of prosperity in the world and beyond.
Ladies and gentlemen being glorified by Allah,
As written in Shahih Bukhari, how magnificent it was when The Prophet S.A.W gave tarbiyah towards all his comrades with the best guidance. Some news came to The Prophet S.A.W that Abdullah bin Amr bin Ash alaihimaa ridhwanallah performed night prayers and recited Alqur’an all nights, and during daytime he was fasting, day after day he performed it. Hence Rasul S.A.W called him, “is that true that you (perform shalat all night), at night how long you read Alqur’an?” he replied “I finish Alqur’an each night, O’ Rasulullah”. “and during the day?”, “during daytime I am fasting everyday O’ Rasulullah”. Rasul S.A.W said “don’t do it!, read Alqur’an once a month you can finish / khatam (1 day = 1 chapter)” this is the best and sunnah (strongly suggested) for us. Those who have busy activities are strongly suggested to read 1 chapter 1 day if possible. Rasul S.A.W taught it, within 1 month 1X finish and performs fasting 3 days in a month. Hence Abdullah bin Amr bin Ash said, “O’ Rasulullah, I am able to do more than that, O’ Rasulullah”. Suddenly Rasul S.A.W’s face changed, he had given suggestion but his suggestion was argued. Hence Rasul S.A.W replied, “Then in 1 week 3 days fasting”, Abdullah answered, “O’ Rasulllah I could do more than that”. He kept on asking and asking, until finally Rasul S.A.W said, “Then 1 day fasting 1 day off alternately, this is the fasting of Prophet Daud a.s, and nothing more than that”. It means that Rasul S.A.W didn’t allow anybody to fast more than the fasting of Nabiyullah Daud a.s which is fasting every other day. This is the most number of fasting allowed for the faithful followers of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.
ImageUntil not long after, Rasul S.A.W passed away and until khilafah and until Abdullah bin Amr bin Ash retold this hadits long after the passing away of The Prophet S.A.W. He said, “Why didn’t I take the suggestion from The Prophet S.A.W from the very beginning, what’s the point of all my abundant religious services if only all of them offended the feeling of Rasulullah S.A.W”. If I have taken the suggestion from The Prophet S.A.W from the beginning so that he S.A.W would be happy for me, so that The Prophet S.A.W would love me because I accept his S.A.W last will, this all would be much more precious than all my religious services, which are the worships based on sunnah of Rasul S.A.W. Although he already struggled by performing fasting ala Nabiyullah Daud or struggled with any other good deeds, he is not yet to find a chance to give pleasure to the heart of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.
Ladies and gentlemen being glorified by Allah,
May Allah S.W.T always pour His Blessing and Prosperity in this gathering, I will not deliver such a long tausiyah, as we have the presence of Al Habib Aththas bin Muhammad bin Salim bin Hafidh may all the Blessing and Prosperity be with him. It is also not appropriate for me to speak here delivering tausiyah in front of him, but because of his command and the love towards The Prophet S.A.W. May Allah S.W.T raise our rank to the highest, may Allah glorify our days, raise our level, get rid of all kind of our problems and keep us away from our enemies. Rabbiy kindly protect us from all kind of denials, Rabbiy kindly protect us from all sins, Rabbiy protect us from all difficulties, Rabbiy protect us from all disasters, Rabbiy protect us from all crimes, Rabbiy protect us from all tyrants, Ya Rahman Ya Rahim Ya Dzaljalali wal ikram, O’ The Cherisher Who deserves most to be loved, O’ The Holiest, O’ The Most Gracious, O’ The Most Powerful in taking away the willingness to perform sins, take away the willingness to perform all kind of sins from our soul, all kind of intentions that You abhor and kindly replace them with things that You approve.
Faquuluuu jamii’an (recite this together) Ya Allah, Ya Allah..Ya Allah..
Faquuluuu jamii'an (recite this together) Laillahailallah Laillahailallah Laillahailallah Muhammadurrasulullah
We conclude our program by reciting prayer together in qasidah Ya Arhamar Rahimin and after that, a closing prayer by the one we glorified and loved, our beloved father Fadhilatul Sayyid Al Habib Aththas bin Muhammad bin Salim bin Hafidh, may he be given the Blessing and Prosperity from Allah S.W.T.
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Kamis, 03 September 2009

The Secret of a Fly’s Wings

قَالَ رَسُولَ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ:
إِذَا وَقَعَ الذُّبَابُ فِي شَرَابِ أَحَدِكُمْ فَلْيَغْمِسْهُ ثُمَّ لِيَنْزِعْهُ فَإِنَّ فِي إِحْدَى جَنَاحَيْهِ دَاءً وَالْأُخْرَى شِفَاءً
(صحيح البخاري)
Rasulullah S.A.W declared:
“If a fly falls into your drink, drown it then take it out, indeed one of its wings has disease while the other wing has the remedy.” (Shahih Bukhari)

ImageAssalamu’alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh
All the Praise be to Allah S.W.T The Supreme Being, The God Almighty in the world and sky, The Only God and Everlasting even before the whole world has been created, until it is thoroughly created and being guided on how to maintain it by the most perfect guidance, until the world is over. He is (Allah) The Only God without the beginning or the end. Being existed with all creatures that must have the beginning and ending. While Allah is The Creator of the beginning and the end, hence Allah is never dependent on the words of beginning and end.
He is The Only One, The Everlasting S.W.T, “laysa kamitslihi syai’un” there is nothing like Him, He is incomparable. QS. Assyura: 11. And unite all the perfection within His Name, The Only God, Allah S.W.T throughout the periods of time. The more a man learns what the world has; he will understand further the secret of God’s Magnificence. The more he studies the sunnah of The Prophet S.A.W the messenger of Blessings, hence he will further understand how magnificent Allah Jalla Wa Alla and His lessons are.
Ladies and gentlemen being glorified by Allah,
Within this noble gathering, gathered as many servants whom souls are seen and noticed by Rabbul Alamin, The Most Observer towards each deepest feeling, The Most Watcher towards all things we have done in life, The Most Omniscient what will happen tomorrow and The Supreme Being Who is able to turn and twist our condition in the future. He is The Only God, Allah Allah Jalla Wa Alla The Most Eternal, Allah who is always glorified and always grand in the whole world, overseeing this World Kingdom with perfection.
Now we have come to the hadits of The Prophet, Sayyidina Muhammad S.A.W. As written in Shahih Bukhari, one hadits that sounds trivial but indeed reveals the secret of nobility and perfection as well as modernity of the lessons from Sayyidina Muhammad S.A.W. He S.A.W declared, “idza waqa’adzdzubabu fi syarabi ahadikum falyaghmishu tsumma liyanzi’hu fainna fi ihda janahaiyhi da’an wal ukhra syifa’an” if a fly falls into your glass, drown it, because one if its wings has disease while the other wing has its remedy.
It doesn’t mean that we must do this all the time. What we are discussing here is indeed not about a fly falling down into the glass that must be drown, because what it means from this hadits is not a command, but something that may neutralize the water from the fly’s poison. This has been proved by our scientists, as they studied about the insects on earth. They found out the enormous marvels of those insects, that a fly flaps its wings 200 to 400X (times) each second. And each second, the fly moves its wings 200 to 400X movements. And for an animal called “Ganjur” even flaps its wings 1000X each second. The scientists studied 4 kinds of insects, they learnt about those creatures and said that they just studied 4 kinds of insects while there are still left approximately more than 10 million kind of insects in this world. And certainly, they found out many discoveries and miracles from those insects, and they said that in each of the wings of a fly, there are elevator and depressor functions, which meant as the function of elevating and lowering its wings. And it moves 200 to 400X each second, and the amazing movement of the fly which always moves in many minutes or even hours. Such fast movement of the muscles that moves the wings of such a tiny fly is amazing.
Allah S.W.T commanded “ya ayyuhannaas..” O’ humankind, has been given to all of you one example, thus listen to the example I have given, those who admit God aside from Allah S.W.T will never be able to create a fly although from naught, although all of them who are worshipped other than Allah gather together.” (QS Al Hajj 73).
All that are worshipped other than Allah gather together to create a fly, they will never be able to do it, they will never be able to create a tiny fly although they are all united.
A tiny fly, as explained by researchers from Australia, in one of its wings they found 1 RESILIN GENE, a gene that has 2 functions, an industrial function and health function. Function towards the industry is that this Resilin gene is much more powerful and enormous than all kind of rubbers found and made by humankind on this earth. The kind of rubber is taken from rubber trees or any other thing, while the Resilin gene found in the wings of a fly is much stronger and more powerful if used as rubber as it has the powerful capacity to push and press as well as the enormous capacity to bounce and these are all found from the wings of a fly and other insect that can vibrate until 1000X each second, like a creature called ‘ganjur’ or other insects.
And for the health function, the Resilin gene is a gene that can cure diseases found in the arteries and nerves. There are a lot of blockages or clogging in the arteries (blood vessels) and these Resilin genes from the wings of a fly can cure such disease. This shows the magnificent and perfection and the intelligence of Sayyidina Muhammad S.A.W.
If a fly falls into your glass, drown it. It means, the Resilin genes in its wings would be absorbed by the water that makes the water purified from bacteria found in the other wing.
Who informed The Prophet S.A.W that there is Resilin genes that can cure the clogging in the arteries or blood vessels while those genes are not even visible..?. We can see them through a microscope and it takes many years to study it, but The Prophet S.A.W knew that in the wings of a fly there are remedies and diseases, until the grains of the genes and cells of a fly’s wings had been discovered by Sayyidina Muhammad S.A.W.
The more a person study about sunnah, hence the more perfect and modern his life would become. Ladies and gentlemen, this shows how magnificent it is our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, whose guidance seemed to be trivial if we have yet to study it. Those who don’t understand would certainly laugh, how could a fly that already falls into the water, should be drown? But The Prophet S.A.W knew “..fainna fi ihda jana haihi da’an wal ukhra syifa’an” because on its wings there are disease as well as remedy. And in fact, our scientists prove it, the depth and sharpness of the awareness of Muhammad Rasulullah S.A.W.
Ladies and gentlemen being glorified by Allah,
This is the perfection of Allah S.W.T in creating the sunnah of The Prophet S.A.W, as written in Shahih Bukhari, Rasul S.A.W declared “if you sleep, turn off the light.” So simple, we might think that turning off the lights meant that we would save the oil of the lantern, at that time. But actually it was not that simple, in fact the human body produces energy when they sleep and the energy comes out from the body will mend the broken cells in the body, and those energies would be disturbed by the presence of lights. This kind of thing has been discovered by Muhammad Rasulullah S.A.W. If you sleep, turn off the lights. At that period of tiem, 14 centuries ago, they didn’t understand about body energy and such. The Prophet S.A.W has known it although at that era, people have yet to come to this kind of knowledge. The Prophet S.A.W taught it, follow His sunnah. Here comes the time to prove it that in fact The Prophet S.A.W knew that the energy which comes out from the human body when sleeping will be disturbed by the light. His command is clear, therefore if you sleep, please turn off the lights to make the energy in your body works well in mending your body. It shows the perfection of the lessons from Muhammad Rasullah S.A.W. and Rasul S.A.W declared “there is none of you (it means all of you) will face the Creator, the God and he will be standing alone, and nobody will accompany him” (when he stands up to face the Rabb) (Shahih Bukhari).
Ladies and gentlemen being glorified by Allah,
There are more than 10 million kinds of insects found on this earth and each of the insects has its own different kind of rules. Each insect has its own wing’s speed, ranging from 200 to 400X each second, or even could reach up to 1000X each second. While there are 10 million kinds of insects, then who controls this all? Could the insect systematize its own movement? Or other functions of its muscles and nerves? They could only live without knowing why they live. This is the nature of an insect, a bee with its own benefit, a fly or a mosquito, each represents the sign of the God’s magnificence. And all of them are under Allah’s willing. Recognizing this all, The Great Creator, He is Allah. Return to Him and not to the depth science on a fly or insects but study more on who the creator of it all is, Rabbul Alamin..Allahu Allahu Allahu.
And we all will stand before Allah, the most significant moment. When we contemplate it, we will stand up as our name is called, and we will find as explained fulan bin fulan to come forward in the presence of Allah. As written in Shahih Bukhari, when one of the people came forward to face Allah, he was a person who longed for Allah the most when he was alive on earth. Hence when he was taken to the presence of Allah S.W.T, Allah S.W.T hid all his sins, invisible by other people on that mahsyar field and what they could see were only the rewards of his good deeds. Why? “Whoever covers the flaws of other person (Moslem’s) in the world, hence on the judgment day, his sins wouldn’t be seen”. (Shahih Bukhari) He had a lot of sins but all were hid by Allah, and not exposed to others, the way any good deeds in the majestic trial on mahsyar field would be checked. On so and so date, day, month, you conducted this, who is the witness? The witnesses are your hands, and legs. “his hands, legs, and all part of his body are the witnesses”. The earth will witness and the angels too, that this person performed so and so thing, and by that time all his offspring would see, all his friends would see, and his family and relatives and the whole people on earth would see it. But for those who always hide the flaws of other Moslems in the world, Allah will hide their sins. Also for those who come forward to the presence of Allah, those who love Allah and certainly still have sins, Allah S.W.T declared, “you conducted this and that, conducted sins on so and so day, date and in a certain place,..?”, “yes I did, O’ Allah”, “and look at this one?”, Allah would keep on questioning. And he said, “true, O’ Allah, it’s true O’ Allah”. Then Allah S.W.T declared “in the world I protected you, people who don’t know their sins. Now in the Judgment Day I pardon you”. (Shahih Bukhari). So magnificent Allah is, towards those who want to get closer towards Allah Jalla Wa Alla.
Ladies and gentlemen being glorified by Allah,
As written in Shahih Bukhari, about someone who always recites Surah Al Ikhlas and keeps on repeating it many times. This story has two versions, three versions in Shahih Bukhari and Shahih Muslim. Three different stories but with one meaning, the first story is the story of a person who, every time he finished reciting Surah Al Fatihah, would recite Surah Al Ikhlas and followed by other surah from Al Qur’an. (Al Fatihah – Al Ikhlas – other surah from Al. Qu’ran), and we have discussed this story many times.
The second story was from Sayyidatuna Aisyah radiyallahu anha, that someone performed the same thing when he was in war and when he was reported to Prophet S.A.W, Prophet S.A.W said, “ask him why did he do that?”, he replied, “I’m happy to recite it because in that surah, there are characters of Allah whom I love”, I love to recite the words “Allahu ahad” (Allah The Only God) in my heart, I will never bow down to others, no matter how many sins I conducted I will never bow down and worship other than Allah… only Allah, I am happy to call His Name....” When Prophet S.A.W came to know about this news, Prophet S.A.W said, “Please tell him that Allah loves him”. Why? Because he loves to call Allah’s Name, loves to recite the character of Allah, thus Allah also loves him. Ladies and gentlemen, the love towards Allah is the one certainly answered from all kind of love. We could love anyone, but the one that would be certainly answered is the love of Allah. If we love someone, it doesn’t guarantee that person loves us back, we love someone 100% and we cannot guarantee that he would love us 100%. But if someone loves Allah 100%, Allah will love him back 200%.
“Wa idza taqarraba ilayya abdi syibran taqarabbtu ilaihi dzira’an, waidza taqarabba ilayya abdi dzira’an taqarabbtu ilaihi ba’a,” when My servants get closer to Me one span, I will get closer to him one span of arm, My servants get closer to Me one span of arm, I will get even closer to him one fathom,” (Shahih Bukhari). This is a comparison that the love of Allah will be even bigger than our love for Allah. No matter how big your love and long for Allah is, His love towards us will be even bigger. Thus, who wants to refuse the love proposal from Allah and Allah’s desire towards us? Answer the desire of Allah S.W.T and the love of Allah towards us by loving and longing for Allah.
I am a sinner days and nights, and not qualified to long for Allah… In fact, the love and desire for Allah if comes from the sinners when they want to get closer to Allah and regret, Allah S.W.T will raise their level from the lowest rank to the most dignified rank. “Innallahu yuhibbu tawwabin wa yuhibbu muthathahirin, Innahu kaana tawwaaba” indeed Allah is The Most Gracious and Merciful. No matter how big the sins of the persons are, their request for forgiveness will be accepted by Rabbul Alamin.
As written in Shahih Bukhari, when Rasul S.A.W heard the news that his comrades said Sa’ad radiyallahu anhum declared, “Whoever dares to get closer to my wife and be together with my wife, I will behead them with this sword”. The comrades informed Rasul S.A.W, “O’ Rasulullah, this Sa’ad wants to make his own rules,” something like that. The Prophet S.A.W changed the topic of conversation into something gentle, while declaring “are you all confused about Sa’as being jealous and over protective?, I would even more jealous to you all compared to Sa’ad being protective towards his wife”. Sa’ad’s love towards his wife is far less meaningful compared to my love towards all of you and I am more protective to all of you, said Rasul S.A.W. What is the meaning? I would love and even more protective. For example, if Sa’ad saw other men together with his wife, he would attack them with a sword, hence Rasul S.A.W would never let us alone, there are many of his followers in hell, no matter how big their sins are, Rasul S.A.W would fight for them, fight and struggle for them all until there are none of his people left, as he will freed them all from hell. This shows how big it is the love and protectiveness from Sayyidina Muhammad S.A.W towards all of us.
“Laqad jaa akum rasulun min anfusikum a’ziizun a’laihi maa a’nittum hariishun a’laikum bil mu’miniina raufurrahiim,” has come to you all, a Prophet who has deep thoughts about the catastrophes that all of you have, very protective to you all and he is very gentle towards faithful people. QS. At Taubah : 128.
As written in Shahih Muslim, when Nabiyullah Ibrahim a.s gave up on his followers who didn’t believe in Allah and Nabiyyullah Isa a.s gave up on his followers who didn’t believe in Allah and committed sins, the tears of The Prophet S.A.W fell down. Jibril (Gabriel) alaihis salam came down when The Prophet S.A.W cried while reciting, “ummatiy..ummatiy..”. Even in the book written by Imam Nawawi in Syarh Nawawi ala Shahih Muslim, Prophet S.A.W called “ummatiy..ummatiy”, it means Rasul S.A.W didn’t want to be separated from his followers. He S.A.W raised his hands and prayed to Allah “ummatiy..ummatiy..”, Jibril a.s came down to earth, “what makes you cry, O’ Rasulullah?”, Rasul said “all Prophets are free from duties and give up on their followers who committed sins while I don’t have the heart to let go my followers who committed sins, O’ Jibril”. Hence Jibril returned to Allah and reported “O’ Rabb, Muhammad S.A.W didn’t have the heart and could let go his followers who committed sins, always like that, he still want to defend his followers who are sinners”. Thus Allah S.W.T commanded Jibril to return to The Prophet S.A.W “kindly inform Muhammad, I will not disappoint him and will never make him sad”. Therefore The Prophet S.A.W will never have the followers who pass away as Moslem but committed sins, no matter how long they will be tortured in their graves and the fire of hell because of their sins, they will eventually arrive in heaven with the syafa’at from Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.
We perform silent prayer towards Allah S.W.T, may Allah S.W.T extend our longing feelings towards Prophet Muhammad S.A.W and Allah S.W.T. because after Prophet S.A.W said “I am more jealous (over protective) towards all of you, compared to Sa’ad” hence Rasul S.A.W continued his hadits “indeed Allah is even more protective that I am”. Allah loves us even more, therefore Allah created Prophet Muhammad S.A.W as the sign of His love towards us.
Ya Rahman Ya Rahim make our soul always respond towards the calls of Your longing feeling, we have heard Your statement O’ Allah “Man ahabba liqaa’iy ahbabtu liqa’ah, whoever long for meeting up with Allah, Allah also long for meeting them,” as written in Shahih Bukhari.
Rabbiy, grow the longing feeling within the soul of all Moslems, make our breath decorated with longing feeling for You, and make such longing feeling remove all sins, get rid of all catastrophes and bad luck, throw away all of our problems and troubles. Ya Rahman Ya Rahim kindly ensure all of our face will be brightened by the light of Your beauty on Yaumal qiyamah, those dazzling faces on Judgment Day, only staring at Allah Jalla Wa Alla. They are staring at the magnificence of Allah, the light of Allah’s beauty, light up their faces while there are empty and dark faces, they know that they will be returned to misery. Rabbiy kindly ensure that our face will be luminously bright with Your light, make sure that we extend our relationship with Sayyidina Muhammad S.A.W, make sure we will be meeting up with The Prophet S.A.W at the palace of Rasulullah S.A.W, the most lavish palace in heaven, the palace of Sayyidina Muhammad S.A.W, the highest palace in heaven is the palace of Sayyidina Muhammad S.A.W. Kindly ensure that we will always attend the noble majelis, majelis taklim, majelis maulid, and majelis shalawat. Kindly ensure that we will be together with Rasulullah S.A.W.
Ya Rahman Ya Rahim Ya Dzaljalali wal ikram, we light up the fire of love within our soul in which may You protect us from all disasters and catastrophes, pour on us the Blessing and Easiness, prosperity in the word and beyond, happiness in the world and beyond, easiness in the world and beyond, magnificence in the world and beyond, welfare in the world and beyond. O’ The Owner of the world and beyond, O’ The Creator of the whole world and beyond, O’ Thy who creates the world and ends it with Judgment Day, O’ The Owner of name since the offspring of Adam go through the world and beyond, kindly ensure our safety in the world and beyond.
Faquuluuu jamii’an (recite this together) Ya Allah, Ya Allah..Ya Allah..Ya Allah..
Faquuluuu jamii'an (recite this together) Laillahailallah Laillahailallah Laillahailallah Muhammadurrasulullah.
Our program is followed by together praying for all Moslems, as mentioned in hadits written in Shahih Muslim, Rasul S.A.W declared “whoever prays for his Moslem brother, the angels recite “amin walaka mitsluh” amin and for you what you have prayed for your brother.”
We pray for the wellbeing of all Moslems, those who already passed away, and Moslems who suffer from tortures in their grave, may they be given easiness by Allah S.W.T. Those who are already comfortable may be given more pleasures, and for those are still alive on this earth, may Allah eliminate all troubles, sadness and catastrophes, and be given help by Allah S.W.T. Therefore ladies and gentlemen, we pray for all Moslems, and as big as the number of these Moslems, each of their good deeds will return to us. Hence may Allah answer our prayer and within this prayer there is a hope, requesting the authorities to bring wisdom and prosperity for all of us. The prayer requesting Allah, to give us the leaders who can demolish tyranny and help the weak, the leaders who love faithful people and fight for dignity and justice in this biggest Moslem country in the world. Washollallahu ala Sayyidina Muhammad Nabiyyil Ummiy wa Shohbihi wa Sallam.
Wassalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

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Sabtu, 22 Agustus 2009

Puasa Ramadhan

Puasa Adalah Benteng Penghalang

قال رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم : الصِّيَامُ جُنَّةٌ، فَلَا يَرْفُثْ، وَلَا يَجْهَلْ، وَإِنْ امْرُؤٌ قَاتَلَهُ، أَوْ شَاتَمَهُ، فَلْيَقُلْ إِنِّي صَائِمٌ، مَرَّتَيْنِ، وَالَّذِي نَفْسِي بِيَدِهِ، لَخُلُوفُ فَمِ الصَّائِمِ، أَطْيَبُ عِنْدَ اللَّهِ تَعَالَى، مِنْ رِيحِ الْمِسْكِ، يَتْرُكُ طَعَامَهُ، وَشَرَابَهُ، وَشَهْوَتَهُ، مِنْ أَجْلِي، الصِّيَامُ لِي، وَأَنَا أَجْزِي بِهِ، وَالْحَسَنَةُ بِعَشْرِ أَمْثَالِهَ

(صحيح البخاري)